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Uckfield New Barn Lane

Uckfield, Ridgewood, New Barn Lane.
Remodel rear garden, two new ponds, two flower beds, paths, lawns, boathouse for storage, two patio areas,etc.
March 2018 – ongoing

This is the final phase of works to the rear half of this clients property. We built an orangery extension to the rear and new kitchen etc, we were asked to remodel the garden with the main feature being two split level ponds.

The client wanted all the paths and patio edged in stretcher bond heritage brickwork,  where there were changes of direction the client wanted these to be at 45 degrees so the flower beds were also built the same.

One path and patio was to be finished in black sandstone slabs. The main path and parking areas have been done in herringbone brickwork pattern and then pointed in black mortar with the edges also done in stretcher bond heritage brickwork.
The two ponds are 3m x 3m for the lower one and 2.5m x 3.5m for the upper one, the lower pond is 6 courses of bricks high the upper is 12 courses and 18 above that.

All the pond edging and edging to the flower beds have been edged with slabs the same as was used on the patio.

The existing patio was lifted and relaid and then cleaned and re pointed in black to match the rest. We brought in 3 loads of top soil and 1.5 loads of mushroom compost before laying 70 meters of premier turf. We rendered the insides of the ponds then primed them coated with isoflex liquid rubber so the specially made pond liner doesn’t rub against concrete block work.

We are just fitting all the pipe work, pumps, filters etc and making a door for the boat house.

We have run in 10mm armored cable to different areas of the garden. We fitted 4 brick LED lights into the flower bed walls which the client liked and has now asked us to do a further 4 in the other flower bed.

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